Homemade chicken nuggets

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Boneless; skinless chicken breasts
\N \N Buffalo wing sauce

submitted by: GR96231953@... (Amy Lampert, Brookline, MA) I was inspired by watching the TV Food Network yesterday afternoon and had to make this recipe for dinner. I did my own version of the recipe they showed.

I took boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cut them into large chunks. I then dipped them in buffalo wing sauce (although you could dip them in anything -- the lady on TV dipped her chicken in barbecue sauce) then coated them with plain bread crumbs.

I put the nuggets into a saute pan with melted margarine (I think the lady on TV used butter, but I'm not sure) and cooked them on one side until they got crispy then flipped them and finished cooking the other side until they were crispy. I drained them on a paper towl and served them. They were delicious! You could serve extra sauce for dipping.

You could use any sort of sauce or combination of ingredients to dip the nuggets into. I'd never heard of dipping them in the sauce first, but it worked really well. I actually had the chicken marinating in the buffalo sauce for a couple of hours before I ended up cooking them, and they weren't too hot (as I feared they might be -- although I do enjoy spicy food).

It was a very quick, very easy recipe -- one that isn't even a real recipe.

Enjoy this one though!




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