Herring with apple-roe puree

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 \N Salt herrings; with soft roe, soaked in water for 3 hours
2 larges Green apples; pelled and cored
2 \N Onions; quartered
4 tablespoons Ground almonds
2 tablespoons Oil
2 \N Pickles;sliced

Source:Jewish Cooking

Salted, pickled, and cured herring are availble in bulk at Jewish delisand can also be found in jar at supermarket. They make a delicious appetizer, served with Jewish rye or black bread. Here is a classic Polish recipe for salt herrings

Drain the herring and rinse then again in fresh water. Remove the roe from the fish and reserve. Cut the herrings into ½ inch slices. Put the apples, onions,and almond into the blend and grind until smooth. Add the roe and the oil,and grind again. Have ready 4 small dishes. Spresd the pureed roe mixture evenly on esch dish and arrange the sliced herring on the top. Serve with pickes and black bread..

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