Health nut pancakes

Yield: 10 To 12 serv

Measure Ingredient
3 \N Eggs; seperated
1½ cup Milk
1¼ \N Whole grain flourof any combo:wheat ;brown rice ,millet etc
¼ cup Bran or cornmeal
\N \N Chopped pecans or walnuts; sesame seeds, sunflower, or flax seeds
\N \N Canola; sesame or corn oil

1.Place the yolks in large bowland whip with a fork.Beat the whites seperatly in a grease free bowluntil they hold stiff peaks.Stir milk into the yolksfollowed by the whole grain flourand bran or cornmeal.fold in the beaten egg whites gently with a forkusing a light whipping motion until well mixed.

2.Heat and oil a griddle with oil.spoon the batter on the griddle to form pancakes not more than 3 inch in diameter .sprinkle on top your choice of seeds or nutsas the pancakes begin to puff and bubble on topturn them over.Watch them closely until the bottoms become dark and seem to cry out "Im done".

>From :chicken soup for the soul cookbook~Rama J.Vernon Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 501 by Mizumom <Mizumom@...> on Jan 12, 1998

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