Gardenburger maui

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 \N Gardenburger patties
4 \N Pineapple slices; fresh
1 \N Red bell pepper; cut into quarters
\N \N Teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce
4 \N Wholegrain buns
4 \N Romaine lettuce leaves
1 \N Tomato; sliced

Brush the Gardenburger patties, pineapple slices, and bell pepper with teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce, then grill or broil until the patties are golden brown. Brush with additional sauce and turn the patties to brown on both sides.

Toast the wholegrain buns, then place lettuce leaves on each of the bottom buns. Add the Gardenburger patties, pineapple, and bell pepper. Top with a tomato slice, additional sauce, and the top of the bun.

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