Fudgy chocolate sauce

Yield: 1 -3/4 cups

Measure Ingredient
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk (low-fat variety)
3 Squares (1 oz) unsweetened chocolate, broken up
¼ cup Milk
½ teaspoon Vanilla extract

* Great for chocolate lovers who are cutting down on their fat. Use for a dip or drizzle over fruit or fat-free frozen yogurt 1. In a 1-quart glass bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, and milk. Heat in a microwave oven on high about 2-½ minutes, stirring twice during cooking time, until mixture is smooth, blended and thickened.

Whisk in vanilla.

2. Refrigerate any leftovers and reheat in microwave oven as needed.

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