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From: Sam Waring said to Sharon Stevens:& Ted Taylor SW> It was started in 1987, when some boards in Connecticut decided to SW> take what had been a local echo national. Somewhere around here I've SW> got a copy of the first test message Sam Saluys... Sam /Saulys/ SW> I can't tell you much about the first year or so, because I wasn't in SW> Fido then++I started showing up sometime in 1988, about the time that SW> Sam dropped out of sight (I never knew why, but I suspect lack of SW> time++one of the usual reasons++might have been the cause). We were SW> about to get dropped from the ELIST because we hadn't updated our SW> listings in too long, and rather than let it die, Rich Harper jumped SW> in and volunteered to mode- rate , and just about got elected by SW> acclamation (and none of the rest of us had the time or enough SW> inclination). He worked a *lot* on promoting the echo, and gets a lot SW> of the credit for its massive growth. I seem to remember that in '88 SW> a big day was 60 messages, and by '90 we were regu- larly running well SW> over 100 messages a day. And these days, some of us wish it was down to a few hundred a day. What happened was not that Sam dropped out, but that there was some kind of Fidonet snafu. East of the Mississippe (roughly), we were seeing all the messages; west, you were only seeing some of the easterners messages. Sam's area (she's in Connecticut, but it seemed like everything from NYC up wasn't making it out west) was part of what you weren't seeing, so it looked like there was no moderator to the people west of the Mississippi. I don't know if she saw your messages or not. After Rich volunteered as moderator, while Sam was still moderator, many of us were seeing messages from two moderators, and eventually there was a bit of hue-and-cry when Sam said she'd /always/ been moderator, and a lot of people accused her of having abandoned the echo (which she had not, in fact, done). That got straightened out after a while, and Rich became /The/ moderator. You must be getting old, Sam ++ I can remember all /my/ dates. :)

Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 03-19-95

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