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\N \N ++ Sam Waring Has Additional Comments ++

I tried sending this out several days ago, but due to a misalignment in Xpress on my board, it wound up being tossed into INTERCOOK. I *hope* it's gonna make it to the right area this time. SS> Since I know that you have been around just about a coon's age on SS> this here echo... 8-} Do you or anyone else have a quick history of SS> the cooking echo? Who was the first moderator, and who has been SS> since then... also.. do you know just who exactly started it? It was started in 1987, when some boards in Connecticut decided to take what had been a local echo national. Somewhere around here I've got a copy of the first test message Sam Saluys posted (I think it's buried in a box of letters under the bed), and which she reposted a couple of years back in answer to a similar query. (In case you're wondering, it was a recipe for how to boil water. B-{)### ) I can't tell you much about the first year or so, because I wasn't in Fido then++I started showing up sometime in 1988, about the time that Sam dropped out of sight (I never knew why, but I suspect lack of time++one of the usual reasons++might have been the cause). We were about to get dropped from the ELIST because we hadn't updated our listings in too long, and rather than let it die, Rich Harper jumped in and volunteered to mode- rate , and just about got elected by acclamation (and none of the rest of us had the time or enough inclination). He worked a *lot* on promoting the echo, and gets a lot of the credit for its massive growth. I seem to remember that in '88 a big day was 60 messages, and by '90 we were regu- larly running well over 100 messages a day. Rich ran the place until about late '89 or early '90, and then had to give up because of health and lack of money (two more usual reasons). He passed the moderatorship to Tia Darrow, in Colorado Springs, and she did it for another year and some. Finally, she got tired of trying to keep us all corralled, and also wanted to provide an echo similar to COOKING but which would allow more general chat, so she resigned as moderator of COOKING and started COFFEE_KLATSCH. She handed the moderatorship back to Rich, but his health prohibited him continuing for long and he passed it to Joann in '91 (you were wondering when I'd get to her, didn't you? B-{)### ), and that's how it's been since. Now this is pretty skeletal for several reasons: first, I can't remember all the dates exactly.

Second, yes there were squabbles on the echo, and I was there for a lot of them and remember what happened and who shot John, and I'm not going to tell about them. Those bones are buried, and I hope they stay that way; I don't want to listen to ancient grudges getting brought up again. I only mention them because I fear that if I don't, someone will accuse me of selective memory or will charge in with "But you left out the time that..." and rake up something better off dead, IMO. I've told the nice part, and that's all I intend to tell. I'm sorry to have to end this post on a sour note, but I'm afraid that if I don't say all this, I'll start another EchoWar without wanting one at all. Selah. Sam Waring Clerk of the Records From: SAM WARING

Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 03-19-95

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