Dosa batter

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
150 grams Raw; (boiled) rice
50 grams Urad dal
15 grams Cooked rice
10 grams Poha; (pressed rice)
5 \N Methi seeds; up to 7
\N \N Salt to taste

WASH the urad dal, raw rice and methi seeds. Soak them in a little water along with poha and cooked rice for at least an hour. Grind to a smooth paste with a little water. Cover and keep aside for at least five hours.

Add salt to taste and mix well. This batter can be used as basic batter for preparing masala dosa, sada dosa, onion uttappam, Mysore masala dosa, spring dosa, etc. The batter is enough to make about four to six dosas. Use a stainless steel cup to pour the dosa batter onto the tawa.

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