Dark bread

Yield: 2 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Warm water
¼ cup Maple syrup
2 tablespoons Yeast
4 \N Eggs, at room temperature
¼ cup Molasses
1 tablespoon Instant coffee
2 tablespoons Carob powder
4 cups Whole wheat pastry flour
1½ cup Rye flour
½ cup Corn meal
1 \N Egg
1 tablespoon Water

Combine warm water and maple syrup; sprinkle on yeast; set aside.

Using a whisk, blend eggs, molasses, and coffee. Add carob powder and ½ of flour. Beat until smooth. Using a wooden spoon, mix in rye flour and corn meal; beat thoroughly. Gradually add remaining flour.

Turn onto floured work surface and knead 15 minutes. Place in lightly oiled bowl; turn dough so top is also oiled. Cover with a towel and let stand for 1 hour. Turn out, punch down, and knead for 3 minutes.

Form into round loaves. Place on lightly oiled cookie sheets.

Combine egg and water; use to brush loaves. Let rise again for 1 hour; bake at 350 degrees, 30-40 minutes or until thunking sound is made when bread is hit with a knuckle.

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