Czech potato soup

Yield: 5 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Mushrooms, dried -OR
1 cup Mushrooms, fresh -OR sliced
1 quart Water boiling
1 medium Celery stalk
1 large Carrot chopped
1 medium Onion finely chopped
¼ teaspoon Caraway seeds
⅛ teaspoon Marjoram
1 teaspoon Salt
2 mediums Potatoes
2 tablespoons Flour
2 tablespoons Butter
\N \N Pepper

Stir mushrooms into boiling water, add celery, carrots, onion, caraway seeds, marjoram, salt and pepper, and cook slowly for 1 hour. Add potatoes; simmer 40 minutes more. Make thickening by slightly browning flour and butter in skillet. Add to soup and bring to boil before serving.

Yield: 4 to 6 servings.

Variation: Pierce (to drain grease) and brown chunks of kielbasa and add to soup.

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