Creamy cheese sauce

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Butter
½ tablespoon All-purpose flour
⅔ cup Carnation Evaporated Milk (one small can)
1 cup Shredded old cheddar cheese

Melt butter in heavy saucepan. Stir in flour until smooth. Gradually stir in E. Milk and Cheddar cheese. Stir over med. heat until mixture boils, thickens and cheese melts. Pour over cooked cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus or nacho chips. Makes 6 servings.


Nacho Cheese Sauce: When adding Cheddar, stir in 1 TB finely chopped and seeded fresh or canned jalapeno pepper Mornay Sauce: Instead of Cheddar, stir in ⅔ cup shredded Swiss cheese Italiano Cheese Sauce: Instead of Cheddar, stir in ½ cup Parmesan cheese Posted to EAT-L Digest 27 Feb 97 by Lilia Prescod <lprescod@...> on Feb 28, 1997.

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