Chocolate taffies

Yield: 34 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 cup Unsweetened cocoa
1 tablespoon Butter or margarine; (about)
3½ ounce (1/2 c) chocolate shot (sprinkles)

In a 2-to 3-quart pan over medium-low heat, stir milk, cocoa, and 1 tablespoon butter until mixture starts to bubble, then stir until mixture holds together as a soft mass when pushed to side of pan, 3 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand until cool enough to touch. With lightly buttered hands, shape mixture into 1-inch balls and roll 4 or 5 at a time in shot to coat. If desired, place each candy in a small paper or foil bonbon cup. Serve at room temperature.

If making taffies ahead, chill airtight up to 1 week; freeze to store longer. Makes about 34. Per piece: 71 cal (28% from fat); 2⅕ grams fat, 24 mg sodium and 6.3 mg cholesterol.

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