Chocolate for dipping

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Workbasket Recipes: This article deals with candies. The issue is Spetember 1979.

Boil water in bottom portion of double boiler, remove from heat. Put top of boiler over water. Water should not touch bottom of pan. Place cut up chocolate or chips in boiler, 1 cup at a time. Stir rapidly after each addition. A small amount of paraffin may be added with chips to serve as a hardening agent. Melted chocolate should never exceed 110 on a candy thermometer. Remove from hot water, cool on rack until 80 degrees and chocolate has thick pudding-like consistancy. Immediately place over warm water (115 degrees) and stir well (2 minutes) until soft enough to pour. At this point mixture should not be over 90 degrees. Pour into Candy Molds to harden. Chocolate can be used as a coating for creams, bon bons and cordials.


Drop center into melted coating. Lift center from coating with fork. place dipped centers on heavy waxed paper. Be sure that coating is thick all the way around, ad cordials have a tendency to leak.


Do not overheat chocolate coating. Never add water to coating, if chocolate needs thinning, add small amount of cocoa butter. Dip cordials twice so bottom is completely covered. Cordials should ripen several days before coating so they can liquify. Creams should stand overnight before eating.

Dip chocolates in a very cool room.

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