Chicken scampi w/linguini

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Boneless skinless chicken
\N \N Breast halves
1 \N Egg, beaten
1 cup Bread crumbs
½ teaspoon Salt or to taste
¼ teaspoon Pepper
½ cup Olive oil
¼ cup Butter or margarine
3 \N Cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon Lemon juice
½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Pepper
1 pounds Linguini, cooked al dente
2 tablespoons Butter or margarine
½ cup Fresh parsley, chopped
\N \N Lemon wedges

Rinse chicken and pat dry. Cut into ½" pieces. Dip chicken in egg. Roll in mixture of bread crumbs, ½ ts salt and ¼ ts pepper. Heat oil in large frying pan; saute chicken in oil in skillet until bread crumbs are golden brown. Remove chicken to a warm platter.

Wipe skillet out with a paper towel. Melt butter or margarine in skillet.

Add garlic, lemon juice, ½ ts each salt and pepper; mix well. Toss chicken in sauce to coat. Spoon chicken and sauce over linguini that has been tossed with 2 tb of butter or margarine. Sprinkle with parsley.

Garnish with lemon wedges.

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