Candy perfectly white or pull taffy

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2½ pounds Coffee sugar
1½ pint Nicest sugar syrup

Ida S. Davidson & Florence C. Shields This recipe is presented verbatim. The "trying" referred to is testing for degree of crystallization by dripping a bit into cold water; the recipe calls for the hard crack stage, which corresponds to a temperature of 300-310ø. The "hook" mentioned is a confectioner's tool traditionally used for pulling taffy; it consists of a coathook-like device affixed about 6 feet from the floor, over which the candy is draped, letting gravity and modest effort do the work of pulling.

If it is desired to have candy perfectly white, proceed as follows: Combine the sugar and syrup and boil very carefully until when tried it crisps like egg shells or flies like glass. Pour into dish until cool. Then draw and work upon the hook until very white or pull with hands, using a little flour to keep candy from sticking.

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