Pulled candy

Yield: 18 ounces

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Butter
1 cup Brown sugar
2 cups Light molasses
1 tablespoon Vinegar

Butter two 15" platters. In 3 qt. saucepan, combine brown sugar, molasses, and vinegar with ½ c. water. Stir over high heat till boiling starts. Lower heat to med. and add a walnut size piece of butter. Cook, stirring frequently to prevent sticking. Cook to hard ball stage (250 - 260 F).

With one person holding pot and the other scraping out contents, pour candy onto greased platters. Let candy cool about 5 minutes.

With greased hands, "work" candy by pulling cooled edges toward the middle. When a lump is cool enough to handle pick it up, pull it with fingers to a length of about 1 foot. Press ends together, and hold one hand while grasping center fold with the other. Keeping fingers well greased, repeat this as often as you can before candy stiffens.

When it's cool and fairly stiff, twist into a long rope and place on a greased surface (it can be coiled onto the platter). Mark with a knife for breaking up into small pieces.. Break up the candy when it is completely cool.

If candy fails to harden, return it tokettle with ¼ c. brown sugar.

Cook. Test and repeat procedure for cooling and pulling.

Submitted By SANDI CUTRIGHT On 02-12-95

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