Canadian style bacon

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 quarts Ice water 38-40 degrees F.
6 ounces Dextrose
2 ounces Prague Powder #1
8 ounces Salt
\N \N Pork loins


Will cure up to 25 lbs:

Processing: Dissolve all the ingredients in water. The loins are then spray pumped to 10% of their green weight. Loins are then place into the leftover brine and placed into cooler for 4-6 days at 38-40 degrees F. Remove from the cooler and wash under a shower of cold water.

Smoking: Place in smoker and smoke at 160 degrees F. until an internal temperature of 142 degrees F. is reached. Remove from smoker and cool with tap water until an internal temperature is reduced to 110 degrees F. Hang at room temperature until dry. Remove to cooler overnight before using. Pea meal bacon: After curing, the loins are dried somewhat and coated generously with yellow cornmeal. They are then sliced and fried.

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