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eat anything that is fried with a crust. Stay away from beef, pork and duck. Order chicken or seafood dishes that are not fried. Ask the waitperson to have your food prepared without oil or fat. You might also ask them to cut the soy sauce if you are watching your sodium intake. It is best to order plain rice, but the fried rice is not too bad if you ask them to prepare it as low fat as possible. If eating fried rice, pick the kind with chicken or seafood in it. Stay away from rice with beef or pork. fortune cookies are ok.

ITALIAN: Stay away from veal, beef and lamb. Choose pasta dishes in a marinara sauce. Stay away from any cream or butter sauce. Choose chicken or seafood. Ask how the food is prepared. Ask the waitperson to have your food prepared as lowfat as possible. Eat all the bread you want (providing it isn't garlic bread). Try eating the bread without butter. dip it in your marinara sauce instead. If you order pizza, askl them to cut the cheese content in half. Order vegetable toppings versus meat or sausage on your pizza. Stay away from most appetizers in Italian restaurants with the exception of a shrimp or crab cocktail. Skip the cheesecake. Order sherbert if they offer it on the menu, or go out for a nonfat yogurt instead.

MEXICAN: Stay away from the chips. If you simply cannot do without them, limit yourself to ten. Put them on a little plate and eat them very slowly, savoring every bite to make them last. Instead order soft flour and corn tortillas as soon as you are seated. Eat these with hot sauce, not butter, while you are waiting for your meal. Two corn tortillas are only 1 fat gram. Flour tortillas can be anywhere from 1-5 grams apiece depending on their size and how they are made.

Fewer of these wil fill you up for a lot less fat grams. I usually stay away from beans unless you can pin them down as to how they were made. If they aren't cooked with lard, you might go ahead and have a portion. the charro beans are usually lowfat. The most lowfat thing on the menu to order is chicken fajitas. Order them with lettuce and tomato on the side instead of the usuall sour cream, guacamole and cheese. Order double rice and beans. They are a great source of protein if prepared lowfat. You can choose any other chicken or seafood dish as lolng as it is not in a butter or cream sauce. Ask your waitperson how the food is prepared if you have any doubt. Stay away from the sopapillas. Stay away from cream soups and egg dishes.

Eat all the hot sauce you wish but stay away from the chile con queso. OLE!

BAR-B-Q: Stay away from beef, pork and sausages of any kind. Order chicken; it offers the lowest possible fat choice. You will probably have to remove the skin yourself. Order white meat chicken when possible. Dark meat has twice the fat content of white meat. The beans here are usually fine. Don't eat the pork or bacon that may be floating around in them. Ask if they have plain bread. I would, however, stay away from the corn muffins or cornbread. Stay away from the butter, Corn should be fine. This is when it is a good idea to carry butter buds or maybe a packet of non fat Weight Watchers diet ranch dressing for a baked potato. It is a good idea to keep these non fat salad dressings handy when you go out to eat. the salad dressing alone could blow your fat calorie budget for the day.

STEAK: Most often these restaurants have chicken and seafood selections. Many of them are even starting to offer pasta dishes. Use your Weight Watchers diet salad dressing on your salad, Eat the bread without butter. Have a shrimp cocktail for an appetizer. Just because you find yourself in a steak restaurant doesn't mean you have to eat steak. Go out for a frozen yogurt for dessert.

CONTINENTAL: Stay away from the rack of lamb. Also stay away from the duck, beef, pork and veal. It's a sure bet you need to skip any sauce that is prepared in their kitchen. This restaurant can be a challenge to even the most dkillful. there are usually seafood selections that you can ask to be prepared lowfat. there are usually pasta dishes in these restaurants. Just make sure they will make a red or marinara sauce for you. Eat all the great French bread without butter. You might go for the Ceaser salad here as your one splurge. Bypass the dessert cart unless they ofer strawberries plain.

FAST FOOD: Most fast food restaurants now offer some kind of grilled chicken sandwich. This can be a wise choice providing the skin has been removed. Don't ruin a chicken sandwich with high fat mayonnaise.

Use kechup or BBQ sauce instead. Most of the fast food fish restaurants now offer a baked or broiled fish selection. Use lemon instead of drawn butter over your fish and you will be making a wise choice. a lot of FF places offer a salad bar or baked potatoes. Avoid the luncheon meats, bacon, egg, pasta salads, cole slaw and cottage cheese on most salad bars. Watch out for croutons and fried onion rings. Try to refrain from nuts and seeds.

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