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Fat and cholesterol are combined with protein to be carried through the blood vessels together as lipoproteins. Imagine that the lipoproteins are little busses in your body and the fats and cholesterols are passengers. These busses are traveling through the blood vessels in your body that we will compare to a highway. The more passengers you have, the more busses you will need to carry them. In other words, the more fat and cholesterol you eat, the more lipoproteins you will need to transport them through the body. All htese fat laden busses are headed for your muscles cells, which break down the fat for energy and storage. After dropping off the fat, this leaves mostly cholesterol being carried by the llipoproteins. When you have too much cholesterol left in your blood stream, the excess cholesterol can be deposited in the walls of the blood vessels. To make matters worse, saturated fat somehow interferes with the ability of the liver to eliminate cholesterol. Consiquently, it doesn't efficiently remove cholesterol from the blood. Al this excess fat and cholesteroll in your blood are unwelcome visitors. They irritate and damage the linings of your arteries to produce plaque. If this goes on too long, the plaque builds up and obstructs the blood vessel.

when the blood vessel gets blocked off signifigantly, a heart attack or stroke can result. This is why it is so important to keep the blood vessel highways of our bodies open. In most cases, it is our poor eating habits (high fat and cholesterol diets), causing the traffic jams that endanger our lives.

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