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: SHOPPING TIPS TO HELP YOU SAVE TIME, MONEY AND FAT GRAMS Did you know that eating a lowfat diet can not only help you lose weight but also help you save money? This is one time you lose and save at the same time. A diet low in fat, low in sugar and high in fiber is less expensive than the normal high fat diet. Chicken and turkey cost much less than red meat (in most cases). Fresh fruits and vegetables are less expensive than frozen prepared side dishes.

Homemade, lowfat desserts, cakes, and cookies are less expensive to make than store bought bakery items. Even raisins are less expensive than chocolate chips. Lowfat cheeses are generally cheaper than the gourmet cheeses. Many substitutions are cheaper than high fat food choices. Plain yogurt and nonfat cottage cheese are less expensive than sour cream. A few low fat items, such as butter buds or Egg beaters might cost a little more, but the fat grams you save are well worth the investment. One good tip to help you save mone and llose fat is to shop the perimeter of the store. Did you know that grocery stores are laid out in a fashion to promote the purchase of the more profitable packaged foods stocked in the middle aisles? In addition to costing more, the higher processed, higher fat, more presertives, and less fibre foods are stocked in the center of the store. Next time you visit a grocery store, look for yourself. You will find this true in most stores. Wheel your cart around the outside aisles, and you will not only save money but will lose weight because of your smart low fat choices. You might need to make an occasional trip to the interior to stock up on pasta and whole grain cereals. Try to shop after a meal, rather than before, when you are so hungry that you make unwise choices. Try to go with a list and stick to it. (This can be made next to impossible if you are accompanied by your husband or children). If you have planned your menus and meals before you go, you might not be as tempted to overbuy unnecessary items. Put yourself on a budget and try to stick to it. Sometimes we have to spend a little more tine to read those labels. In this case, time spent will account for fat lost, so it will be worth it. Make friends with the people who work in the grocery store. Let them know you are intereseted in new low fat items. Let them do the foot work for you.

They are usually more than happy to inform you of any new items. The grocery stores want you back, so any way they can help you will be business for them and time saved for you.

Visiting the grocery store cann be a game that involves the whole family. Even children can learn to read labels, and think what healthy eating habits you will be teaching them along the way.

Children like nothing more than to mimic their parents, especially when they see how much it pleases them. Children are never too young to learn how important a healthful eating lifestyle can be. You will be doing them a favor they will thank you for later! LEARN TO BE A DETECTIVE AT THE GROCERY STORE: Watch out for advertising claims at the supermarket. Lite, lean, slim or lower fat may be only claims. Lite may refer to color, amount of sodium, fat content, or serving size. An example would be lite cream cheese. Regular cream cheese has 10 fat grams per ounce. Lite cream cheese has 7. If you have an 8 ounce oackage of lite cream cheese, you still have 56 fat grams. I would hardly consider that lite. In this case, I would choose one of the new fat free cream cheeses on the market. This would be a wise choice. A misconception conerning fat would be whole milk. Milk claims to be only 4% fat. That sounds pretty good, right? Whole milk is 4% fat; that is 4% of the total weight of the milk is fat. Milk is mostly water, so the percentage contributed by fat to the total weight is small. What you must realize is that whole milk derives 50% of its calories from fat (73 fat calories divided by 150 total calories per cup). The whole milk ads should say 50% fat. Something else you need to watch out for are those 91% fat free luncheon meats. Perhaps yo have a package of chopped turkey that claims to be 91% fat free by weight. That is the important part-weight. The 9% fat refers to the fat content as a percentage of the weight. If we were concerned with percentages, we would want to know what percentage of the total calories, not the weight, come from fat. Let me show you what I mean. the chopped turkey might contain 3 grams of fat (3x9=27) or 27 fat calories per slice out of its total 45 calories. Therefore, the fat calories are 60% fat or 40% fat free. We must be concerned wih those 27 fat calories, not total percentages. You can see this wouldn't be a very wise choice. Plese read those labels carefully. The worst claim of all, in my opinion, is the one on the "diet" dinners stating that they are less than 300 calories. This may be true, bur some of those "diet" dinners contain as much as 20-25 fat grams per dinner. There is one in particular, and I won't mention the brand, that contains 300 total calories. It is a well known "diet" dinner. The only problem is that 189 of those calories come from fat. I would harldy consider a dinner that contains 21 fat grams (or 63% fat), to be called "diet", would you?

finding it in your mew low fat eating plan. There are so many other choices in palce of beef. I would like to show you some of your other choices. Some other foods we might consider removing from, or at least cutting down on, would be veal, lamb, pork and duck. These are all very high in saturated fat. Actually, in some cases they can be higher in fat than beef. There is a new ground beef on the market called Healthy Choice. It is only 4 grams fat per pound comapred to regular ground beef at 57-60 fat grams per pound.

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