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If you love the flavor of butter, but want to cut the fat from your diet, Butter Buds can be a great substitution. You can use it in place of butter, margarine, and oil in most of your recipes. Although margarine and oil may be low in cholesterol, they are not low in fat.

a tablespoon of butter or margarine contains 100 calories adn 11½ grams fo fat. A tablespoon of oil clontains 120 calories and 13⅗ grams of fat. There are about 50 calories in a tablespoon of diet margarine, and the fat gram counts range from 6 to 10½. Butter Buds contain 6 calories and 0 fat grams! Butter Buds also contain about 25% less sodium than regular butter or margarine. A tablespoon of Butter Buds contains 110 milligrams of sodium, whereas the same anount of butter or margarine contains 138 milligrams of sodium.

Butter Buds are 100% matural butter flavor granules. They are sold in boxes that contain eight packets. Each packet, when added to hot water, is equivalent to a half cup of melted butter, margarine or oil. Butter Buds also comes in a jar that can be used to sprinkle on popcorn, vegetables, or anything that needs a butter flavoring. Mot onlly can the liquid Butter Buds be used in your recipes for baking and cooking, they can also be brushed over corn on the cob or your homemade breads. I've used liquid butter Buds in making salad dressings, sauces, appetizers, soups, main dishes, breads, cookies, and all kinds of desserts. I would strongly advise you to keep plenty of boxes of Butter Buds on hand in your pantry. It is a real staple for helping you to cook low fat.

You may have always thought margarine was a better and more healthy choice than butter. It is true the saturated fat content in one tablespoon of margarine is 18 fat calories compared to butter at 65 fat calories. However, both margarine and butter are 100% fat and both have 100 calories per tablespoon. So, although margarine may be more heart healthy, it is just as fattening as butter and should be limited or omitted when possible.

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