Bolinhos de queijo (cheese balls)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient


½ lb Parmesan cheese, ~freshly grated ½ lb Mozzarella cheese, ~freshly grated 3 lg Egg whites

2 tb (heaping) flour Vegetable oil for frying Salgadinhos are small, usually savoury, fried appetizers that are a large part of Brazil's before dinner rituals. They are frequently balls of fish, cheese, or vegetables which are served with a variety of spicy sauces. These cheese balls would be prepared from the wonderful white cheese that comes from Minas Gerais in Brazil. Here a mixture of Parmesan and Mozzarella is substituted.

Mix the cheeses together in a large glass or ceramic bowl. Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks in another large bowl; and add them to the cheese, and fold in well. Form the mixture into balls and roll them in the flour. Meanwhile, heat 4 or 5 inches of oil in a large heavy saucepan to 350 to 375^F over medium-high heat.

Drop in the cheese balls a few at a time and fry them until they are a golden brown. Remove them with a slotted spoon and drain them on paper towels. Serve hot with cocktails.

Source: Tasting Brazil

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