Beef-noodle stew

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1½ pounds Boneless beef chuck
1 cup Stock
¾ cup Onions, chopped
½ tablespoon Garlic cloves, crushed
3 cups Beef stock
½ cup Water
¼ cup Oyster sauce; or black bean
16 ounces Mixed vegetables; NOT thawed
8 ounces Capellini; thin spaghetti
\N slice Green onions; for garnish

WOMAN'S DAY; 2/1/94



You may substitute lamb or pork shoulder for the beef. Use beef stock for beef, chicken stock for pork or lamb.

Basic stew: Trim meat of fat and cut into 1-½" chunks. Bring all ingredients to boil in 4-qt pot, cover tightly, reduce heat, and simmer 2-½ hours, until meat is tender. Crockpot directions: pile all ingredients into crockpot and cook all day on LOW. When done: skim off and discard fat.

It takes less than 8 minutes to assemble this stew. Then you can pay it little or no attention as it simmers for about 2-½ hours. Make multiples of the basic stew, then divide stew into 4-serving portions; refrigerate or in airtight containers for up to 5 days, or freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in microwave-safe container on defrost or in refrigerator for 24 hours.

To assemble: heat basic stew, stock, water, and oyster sauce in 4-qt pot over medium heat until boiling gently. Stir in vegetables. Coo9k 5 minutes, until thawed and hot. Add pasta and, stirring almost constantly, cook 3 minutes, until pasta is firm but tender and stock is thickened.

Lamb and pork would be good here, too. Oyster sauce and black bean sauce are available in the Asian-food section of your market. Keep in mind that noodles will continue to absorb liquid, so this stew should be served immediately. If you're not sure how soon it will be eaten, cook noodles separately, thicken stock with 2 tb cornstarch stirred into ½ c cold water, and then add cooked noodles just before serving.

Nutritional information per serving: 548 calories, 47 g protein, 54 g carbohydrate, 15 g fat, 25% of calories from fat, 111 mg cholesterol, 1701 mg sodium. Exchanges: 2-¾ starch/bread, 2-½ vegetable, 5 lean meat

MM tyops by Sylvia Steiger, GEnie THE.STEIGERS, CI$ 71511,2253, Internet sylvia.steiger@..., moderator of GT Cookbook and PlanoNet Lowfat & Luscious echoes Submitted By THE LOS ANGELES TIMES FOOD SECTION, MARCH 31, 1994

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