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Gajajiva writes: "Jackfruit is another tropical fruit that grows on tree[s]. The fruit itself is large...no, huge! The size of large watermelon or larger, depending on the specific variety. The fruit itself, being so large, grows straight off the trunk of the tree.

The skin [is] green, leathery, and thick with small "nubs" evenly spaced all over the outside.

"The edible fruit[s] are small "pods" with yellow flesh, and are arranged around a central core that runs the length of the fruit.

Each pod has a large seed, which is also edible when boiled in salted water. The "pods" are kept apart by mass[es] of fibrous materials that looks somewhat like flat noodles. There's a lot of sticky gum inside of the fruit when it's cut open. Actually, there's lot of sticky latex wherever the fruit or the tree itself is cut.

"The meat, when fully ripen[ed], is sweet with a light characteristic aroma. The canned stuff isn't bad, but like most canned fruits, it really doesn't do the real fruit justice." Posted 12/03/94 in Fido's Gourmet Cooking echo by Padej Gajajiva.

Formatted by Cathy Harned.

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