Young thailand's chicken satay

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
cup H I C K E N S A T A Y

Satay is the skewer of choice throughout Southeast Asia. It's also delicious made with pork. 1 lb Chicken breast; skinned; boned 1 ts Black Pepper 1 ts Cumin; ground 1 ts Coriander; ground ½ ts Tumeric 1 ts Garlic; chopped 1 tb Sugar 1 tb Vegetable Oil 1 tb Soy Sauce 1 tb Lemon Juice 1 ts Fish Sauce 16 ea Bamboo Skewers X Oil or Coconut Milk 1. Cut chicken in 16 lengthwise strips 4 inches long, 1 inch wide and ¼ inch thick. Place chicken strips n a large bowl. Add all ingredients, solids then liquids, and gently toss until well mixed.

Marinate in fridge 2 to 24 hours. Before cooking, stir well, then thread each slice onto a skewer, working the skewer in and out down the middle of the meat. 2. Baste chicken with oil or coconut milk and grill on a hot barbecue or under broiler. Cook not much more than 2 minutes each side, turning fairly often to prevent burning. Baste one more time with oil or coconut milk. Cook until golden brown and crispy on the edges. Serve on letttuce leaves and decorate with fresh coriander leaves. Serves 4. Source: "Thai Temptations" from Lifestyle column by Cynthia David in Toronto Sun (27 September, 1995) Transcribed By: S. Lefkowitz

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