Yom nua

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient

(Thai Beef Salad) Here is a sure fire winner of a Thai dish. We call it beef salad and the Thai name is Yom Nua. To make it, use round steak or a roast. Slice it up into ½ to ¾" slabs if it's thick.

Sprinkle with meat tenderizer. Broil or grill until medium rare.

Slice into strips about ⅛" thick. The strips should be bite sized.

Slice red or yellow onion very thin and break up the rings. Use about ½ onion per pound of meat. Place meat in a large bowl and add onions with some lemon juice, ground chili peppers, fish sauce (Nam Pla), and MSG. Mix it all together then mix in one thin sliced cucumber, 5 or 10 mint leaves, and a pinch of Chinese parsley (optional). Make a bed of lettuce and put the mixture on it. Serve with hot white rice. Wing Means, El Paso Recipe By :

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