White house egg nog (as served at the clinton white house)

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 larges Egg yolks
2 quarts Milk; scalded 1.8 L
1 cup Fine sugar 250 g
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract 5 mL
1 tablespoon Grated orange zest 15 mL
2 \N Whole grated nutmegs; use
\N \N Freshly grated nutmeg only!
2 cups Jack Daniels; or other
\N \N American whiskey 450 mL
1 cup Brandy, optional 225 mL
1 quart Vanilla ice cream 900mL

Heat milk to the scalding point, do not boil. In bowl whip egg yolks and sugar until light yellow, slowly pour in scalded milk whisking the whole time until well blended.

Note: With most people are still nervous about salmonella poisoning, cooking the yolks as suggested is the sure way of avoiding problems.

Place mixture in sealed container and allow to chill (if you want to make an extra batch to keep in the fridge, it keeps well for several days).

In punch bowl mix all ingredients except ice cream. Stir to blend. Add ice cream at the end and serve immediately. Grate some extra nutmeg on top and serve a bit of ice cream with every cup.

Nondrinkers can make this recipe without alcohol and it tastes [almost] as good.

From Michael Loo

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