Universal oriental meal

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
200 grams Sliced Pork
200 grams Sliced Beef
75 grams Chopped Salt pork
\N \N ;or Fat back
\N \N Sliced Mushrooms
\N \N ;handful
½ \N Chinese Cabbage head
\N \N ;(in bite sized pieces)
\N \N Bean Sprouts
\N \N Leeks
\N \N ;(cut into strips 6cm long
\N \N ;and 2cm wide, especially
\N \N ;the green ends)
\N \N Onions
\N \N ;quartered and separated
\N \N Broccoli, thin sliced
200 millilitres Water
1 tablespoon Potato starch
\N \N ;or rice flour
3 \N Garlic Cloves
\N \N ;chopped
150 grams Uncooked Chicken or Turkey
\N \N ;cut in strips w/skin & fat
\N \N ;250ml=1 cup 100g=3.5 oz
\N \N ;handful
250 millilitres Sliced, cooked Bamboo Shoot
250 millilitres Firm Tomatoes
\N \N ;sliced in small wedges.
\N \N Peppers, sliced in strips
\N \N Bok Choy
\N \N ;cut into 2cm chunks
\N \N Carrots, thinly sliced
\N \N ;quantity varies with taste
\N \N ;between 250g & .5 Kg
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
2 tablespoons Veg. Oil
\N \N Salt & Pepper
\N \N ;to taste
¼ teaspoon Red Pepper





WARNING! This is not a recipe for company. It is an oriental equivalent to macaroni and cheese or sloppy joes. Quick, tasty, and flexible. My wife thinks this is just what a busy houseman(wife) needs. I try to include it at least once a week in our meals. It is not scientific and any similarity to jokes of the "Take one from column A, and two from column B" variety is fully intentional. The quantities are not expected to be exact, nor the results. This tastes the same, yet different, each time.

OK, here we go. Look in your refrigerator and see what you've got, then start. Remember, after you have cleaned and cut your ingredients the cooking time is less then 15 min. so have your table set before you put the meat to the heat.

Take one from column A, and two from column C, OR Take one from column A, and one from column B, and one from column C.

Before heating up the Wok it is wise to start the rice cooking.

Mix the water and flour together. Heat up the wok on high heat with half the oil and add the ingredients from column A. When the ingredients are cooked but not well done throw the ingredients from column C in. Without stirring, add the remaining seasonings on top.

Let things saute a little then toss to spread the oil and seasonings.

Put the top on.

Check your rice now!

Wait a min. and then toss again. Toss every min. or so until the vegetables are cooked but still crisp. Add the ingredients from column B (if any.) Stir a few times and turn down the heat. Now you add the water (more if you want more gravy, less water without flour if you want a natural gravy) and toss one more time. Cover and let sit.

Your rice should be finished now. Serve the Rice and the "Wok Luck" separate.

The above works for a family of 2 adults and 2 small children. Adjust for your group.

From: Joan Mershon Date: 09-18-94

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