Twenty-four hour potato salad

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 medium Cabbage; shredded
6 smalls Cooked potatoes; thinly sliced
6 \N Boiled eggs; thinly sliced
1 \N Onion; chopped or in rings
1 \N Bell pepper; cut in rings
\N \N Mayonnaise

This salad is in layers. Start with cabbage. Spread mayonnaise on top.

Layer ingredients putting thin layer of mayonnaise between each layer (cabbage, mayo, potatoes, mayo, eggs, mayo, onion, mayo, etc.) Refrigerate for 24 hours or overnight.


From <Simply Southern>, the Desoto School Mothers' Assn, Helena-West Helena, AR 72390. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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