Turkey bon appetit

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Turkey; 15-16 lb.
1 cup Corn oil; ( I used 1/2 c. olive oil)
1½ tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1½ tablespoon Salt; ( I used Spike seasoning)
2 tablespoons Medium sweet paprika
½ teaspoon Pepper; ( I used Spicy Mrs. Dash)
2 teaspoons Minced fresh garlic
3 packs (6-oz) long grain and wild rice
6 cups Chicken broth; (or canned condensed, water added)
3 tablespoons Butter; (or margerine)
3 tablespoons Lemon juice
1½ teaspoon Tarragon
¼ cup Butter or margerine
1 pounds Sliced mushrooms
1 large Onion; minced
1 \N Green pepper; chopped
1 teaspoon Sauce Diable; (or steak sauce)
½ cup Dry sherry
½ cup Fresh parsley; minced
1 cup Pecans or English walnuts; coarsely chopped
\N \N Salt and pepper


Blend marinade ingredients, divide into two parts. Starting from the bird's keel bone, gently lift skin over breast with fingers, carefully pushing it away from flesh -- don't tear it or use a knife. Dipping fingers in marinade, rub it generously into breast meat under the skin. Turn the bird.

Starting at neck, reach down under skin past breast, loosen skin around legs, again rub marinade between skin and meat. Rub other half of marinade in body cavity, then over outside of skin. Cover turkey loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate two days.


Bring rice, broth and butter (margerine) to a boil, cover tightly, simmer 20 minutes. Remove cover. Simmer about 10 minutes more till stock is absorbed. Stir in lemon juice and tarragon with a large fork.

Saute mushrooms, onions and green pepper until soft. Add sauce diable (steak sauce), sherry, cook two minutes and remove from heat. Using two forks, combine with rice mixture, add parsley, nuts, salt and pepper to taste. Stuff turkey cavity and neck three-fourths full. Place turkey on a rack in large baking pan. Bake 20 -25 minutes per pound at 300 degrees if 15 or more pounds, 325 degrees if less than 15 pounds.

Note: Cooking time for turkeys has changed and they seem to cook much faster. I usually roast a turkey at 325 or 350 degrees but use a thermometer to be sure it is done.

Thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh to register 180 degrees and into the stuffing to register 165 degrees.

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