Suzy's cranberry chutney

Yield: 3 Cups

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Bag of fresh cranberries
2 larges Pears, pared,quartered, cored and diced.
2 cups Granulated sugar
1 small Jar candied lemon peel

Combine cranberries, pears, sugar and lemon peel in a large saucepan.

Place over medium heat, stirring CONSTANTLY, to boiling. Reduce heat, cover and cook an additional 5 minutes, or until juices start to flow from the cranberries; lightly skim-off foam with a spoon.

Simmer, UNCOVERED 15 minutes or until cranberries and pears are tender. Pour into a pyrex bowl* or heavy glass jars. Cool completely at room temperature; then cover and refrigerate. Prepare at least 1 day in advance. Will keep refrigerated at least 2 weeks.

*Note: Once mixture is at room temperature it can be transferred to a plastic (tupperware type) bowl, covered tightly and refrigerated.

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