Spring brunch

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This month, Virginia Willis, the food stylist for "The Main Ingredient," helps you create an elegant yet casual weekend gathering of good friends and good food!


Spring seems to make us shed not only our winter coats but also our tendency for cold-induced, hermit-like behavior. Brunch, usually served between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, lends itself to casual yet very social dining. Graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day and spring weddings are all perfectly wonderful reasons to host a Sunday brunch. There's something rather elegant (and decadent!) about hanging out and sipping mimosas or Bloody Marys at noon on Sunday. PLAN AHEAD

Decide on the date, the number of guests and a menu. Make a time chart detailing what must be done when. Remember that Sunday brunch requires a lot of day-before preparation.


Because spring seems to make us all more social, send the invitations out well enough in advance. Make sure to include a phone number and ask guests to RSVP, that way you'll know how much food you'll need. Most card and gift shops sell preprinted invitations that you can simply fill in.

Neatly handwritten invitations look very clean and smart. Your invitations should indicate the degree of formality, or lack thereof, of the brunch. If it's a simple family affair you may want to make arrangements over the phone instead.


What will the weather be? Will you be able to host the gathering outside on the lawn or will you need to be ready to accommodate people inside? If you plan an outdoor party, make sure you have an indoor backup location. One idea: Have beverages outside, then bring everyone in to dine. Make sure the area you create for the buffet is conducive to having people walk through without creating a traffic jam. Be sure it's easy for you to set up and clean up. Many people set up the buffet on the kitchen counter top or table and have guests move to the dining room to eat.


Don't spend a fortune on exotic flowers. Instead, take advantage of local spring blossoms. The makings for simple bouquets of daffodils in glass vases or an arrangement of azaleas or dogwood blossoms may be available right in your own front yard. Use crisp white or pastel cotton or linen tablecloths and napkins. Everything should be clean and fresh. Card tables can be transformed with a bit of decorative flair.

Bring out the silver and crystal if you have any and make the occasion as elegant as possible. Drape English ivy around the buffet to accent the table settings.

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