Spiedie sauce

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N 1 Clove garlic
\N 2 Bay leaves

1 c Cooking oil

¼ c Wine vinegar

1 ts Lemon juice

1 ts Oregano

½ ts Dried parsley

½ ts Salt

¼ ts Pepper

Hot pepper to taste..(optional) Cut pork, lamb or just about any type of meat into 1 to 1½" cubes.

Marinate in the sauce, made from above mixture, for at least 24 hours.

Place on skewers and barbecue over charcoal or gas grill until done.

(Approx cooking time, 20 minutes) Serve on a slice of Italian Bread.

The regional delicacy is is found throughout the Binghamton/Endicott, NY area. Spiedies are to that area as Buffalo Wings are to Buffalo.

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