Spiced lemon pickles

Yield: 6 Half-pints

Measure Ingredient
9 \N Large lemons
2¼ cup Sugar
⅛ teaspoon Salt
¼ cup Water
1 cup Cider vinegar
1 \N Cinnamon stick
½ teaspoon Whole allspice
1 \N Small ginger root
5 \N Whole cloves

Wash and thoroughly dry the lemons. Cut them, without peeling, into crosswise slices ¼ inch thick.

Combine the sugar, salt, water and viinegar in a saucepan. Tie the spices in a cheesecloth bag and add to the syrup. Boil 5 minutes.

Drop the lemon slices into the boiling syrup and boil one minute.

Discard the spice bag and pack the lemons into hot sterilized half-pint jars. Cover with the boiling syrup and seal at once.

SOURCE: "An Herb and Spice Cook Book", by Craig Clairborn, copyright 1963

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