Soy milk

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Dried soybeans
\N \N Water

Source: "The Tofu Cookbook" by Junko Lampert Soak 2 cups of dried soybeans overnight, then drain & rinse them, and combine them with an equal volume of water a cup or two at a time in a blender, and whiz them until smooth (about 3 minutes.) This batch of puree is then poured into a pot which has 8 cups of water brought to a boil, and is returned to a boil and then reduced to medium heat, and cooked & stirred until "the foam rises". Then, the liquid is poured through a cloth-lined colander, and the excess liquid is squeezed from the cloth, and the stuff in the cloth (called okara), is saved for another interesting experiment someday (more on that later), and the milk is put back in the boiling pot, and brought back to a boil & cooked for another 5 minutes.

This netted me a little over ½ gallon of soy milk (actually ½ gal.

plus a large [16 oz.] drinking glass), which I promptly refrigerated.

Please note: if I had been following the complete tofu recipe, I would have added the solidifier at this point (1 teaspoon of nigari dissolved in 1 cup of water), but I have neither nigari nor tofu pressing containers or supplies, but maybe next time...




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