Tips for cooking with soy milk

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Soy milk

"Some soy milk manufacturers and cookbooks say you can use soy milk exactly like dairy milk. In reality, it works better for some dishes than others, says."

Soy milk works especially well in desserts because of its sweetness.

It works well in foods that aren't expected to be white, because most soy milk is beige. Some products are nearly caramel-colored, Sass says.

In savory (non-sweet) dishes, soy milk works best when its slight sweetness and mild, beany flavor blends well with the other ingredients.

Because soy milk curdles when boiled, it is best used in chunky, textured dishes that disguise this characteristic, Sass says. You can also stir it in at the end of cooking just to heat and combine flavors.

Like dairy milk, it can curdle when combined with high-acid foods. For best results, use it in dishes that contain little or no acid, whisk it in at the end and don't boil it.

Sass' especially likes the recipes for pumpkin tart with a pecan crust and a rice pudding made with coconut and pineapple. However, expect the pudding to be beige, not white.

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