Roasted mediterranean vegetables with cream cheese and toma

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Courgettes; (medium)
1 \N Aubergine; (medium)
4 \N Ripe Plum Tomatoes
1 \N Red Pepper; (medium)
1 \N Yellow or Orange Pepper; (medium)
8 smalls Onions; (peeled)
1 \N Fennel; (medium - tough core
\N \N ; removed and cut
\N \N ; into wedges)
3 \N Cloves Garlic; (sliced)
2 tablespoons Chopped Basil; (not too finely
\N \N ; chopped)
1 teaspoon Crushed Coriander Seed
250 grams Cream Cheese
1 \N Ciabatta Bread
\N \N Olive Oil
\N \N Salt and Pepper
1 small Red Onion; (peeled and finely
\N \N ; chopped)
2 \N Red Chillies / or 1 tbsp Capers; (depending on how
\N \N ; spicy you want the
\N \N ; salsa)
450 grams Ripe Tomatoes
2 tablespoons Coriander; (coarsely chopped)
\N \N A little Sugar


1. Cut the aubergine into 1 inch thick slices, and then into cubes. Cut the courgettes into ½ inch thick slices.

2. Put the aubergine and courgettes into a sieve or colander and sprinkle with salt.

3. Toss the vegetables and then press them down with a weighted plate for an hour or so to remove the bitter watery juices.

4. Cut the peppers into large chunks and quarter the tomatoes. Toss all the prepared vegetables together with the basil and garlic, and spread on a roasting tray.

5. Drizzle on some olive oil (3 - 4 tbsp should be enough) and toss to ensure everything is coated in oil.

6. Roast in a hot oven - 220ºc / 400ºf / Gas Mark 6 for 30 - 40 minutes or until the vegetables begin to char at the edges.

7. Add a little milk to the cream cheese to soften the consistency (you could add a little garlic).


8. Dice the onion finely. Deseed and finely chop the chillies, or chop the capers.

9. Deseed the tomatoes and chop them finely.

10. Toss all the ingredients together, adding a little sugar to taste.

11. The salsa can either be eaten like this or "thinned" out with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar / lemon juice.


12. Serve warm on a Ciabatta bread that has been brushed with olive oil and toasted.

13. The vegetables can be eaten hot, warm or cold, topped with a spoonful of cream cheese and possibly a sprinkling of toasted pine nuts. The salsa can be serve separately.

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NOTES : Chef:Greg Robinson

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