Rival automatic steamer and rice cooker instructions

Yield: 1 servings

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High-Domed Cover Provides a snug seal, yet allows ample food stacking to 3-½ inches.

Rice Bowl Deep container is used to cook rice (8 cup capacity) or other dishes that have a sauce or use liquid.

Outer Water Reservoir Liquid draining from cooked food will collect here. Because this area is not heated, food particles and liquids cannot scorch.

Steamer Basket A shallow container with slots allows excess water to drain away. Use to steam vegetables, fish, shellfish or other dishes without a sauce. Oval shape accommodates hard to fit foods.

Inner Water Reservoir and Heating Well Water is heated and turns to team which circulates around the food. the amount of water used determines the cooking time.

Indicator Light Glows when unit is operating. Goes out to indicate food is done. If the unit has turned off and is still plugged in, the indicator light and the steamer may begin to cycle on and off. Unplug after cooking.

TO USE 1. Pour specified amount of water into inner water reservoir, covering heating well.

2. Place vegetables, fish, or other foods WITHOUT sauce or liquid, in steamer basket.

Place rice, or other foods WITH sauce or liquid in Rice Bowl.

Note: Steamer basket and Rice Bowl cannot be used at the same time.

3. Cover. Plug into 120V AC wall outlet. When water boils dry, food is done and light will go out. Unplug after food is cooked.

IMPORTANT POINTS Polished or waxed surfaces: Avoid placing unit on any surface or under any wall cabinet that can be marred by steam or water droplets.

Use Clean Water Only in inner water reservoir and heating well. Do not use wine, broth or other liquids. Do not add salt, pepper or other seasonings to this water. CAUTION: The appliance and accumulated steam will be hot. Using hot pad, open cover CAREFULLY to let steam escape safely; hold cover over unit to let moisture drop into steamer. Use hot pads to lift basket or bowl.

Brush or wipe heating well with white household vinegar after each use. See below for complete cleaning information.

Do not leave unattended as the cooking time is short.

A bit of water may remain in the inner water reservoir even when heating well boils dry. This is normal.

TO CLEAN Rice Bowl, Steamer Basket and Cover Wash in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry. Or wash on top rack of dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Heating Base

Scrub heating well with white household vinegar after each use.

This will prevent caldium or other mineral deposits from collecting.

If mineral deposits are allowed to accumulate, a "tea kettle whistle" will result and, in extreme cases, the unit could turn off before the food is cooked.

If a heavy mineral deposit has collected, pour 2 tablespoons of liquid Dip_it 2 (tm) into the heating well. Allow to stand about 15 minutes. Brush and rise thoroughly.

Wash both reservoirs with soapy water, rinse and dry. A small brush is handy when washing base.

Source: Rival Automatic Steamer and Rice Cooker instruction booklet Typos by Dorothy Flatman 1995

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