Pizza crust-bbs

Yield: 1 Crust

Measure Ingredient
4½ cup Flour (high gluten recommended)
1 pack Dry yeast
1 teaspoon Salt
2 cups Warm water
2 tablespoons Vegetable or olive oil

Mix 2 cups of the flour, the yeast and salt. Add the water and oil, and mix thoroughly. Slowly add the remaining flour until the dough can be worked by hand. Knead thoroughly. Allow to rise for 30 minutes.

After the rising time, roll out the dough to fit whatever pizza pan or baking dish you prefer. Top as desired, then bake completed pizza for 12 to 14 minutes at 475 B0 F, testing for doneness after 10 minutes.

Additional note: Since I originally found this recipe, I've learned that a pizza stone is by far the best way to bake a pizza at home.

Follow the directions that accompany the stone, but typically you need to preheat both the oven and the stone (i.e., put the stone in the oven in its final position while preheating the oven) for at least 20 minutes before placing the pizza in the oven to bake. The crust should come out just great!

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