Pickled lemons or limes (manao dong)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
10 smalls Unripe green lemons or limes
180 grams Salt
750 millilitres Water; up to 1 liter
1 tablespoon Sugar

(Thai Cooking Class, Somi Anuntra Miller & Patricia Lake, Bay Books Cookery Collection)

Roll fruit on flat surface for a few minutes to soften skin. Rub some extra salt on the skin with a little water and leave overnight. (Probably best to put them in a container as the salt leached out a quantity of liquid). Next day boil the water, the 180g salt and sugar for 5 minutes, then cool. Place lemons in sterilised jars and cover with brine solution, seal tightly, and do not use for at least 3 months. Will keep indefinately.

As for what you do with them after 3 months, apparently it's a sidedish, but whether you cut them up or eat 'em whole, who knows.

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