Pesach candy

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds Honey-use a good; tasty brand
3½ \N Glasses Matzo Farfel; ( I use about 4 cups)
1 \N Glass; (or more) chopped hazelnuts (filberts )
\N \N Ginger; (Perhaps 1/4 oz)
¼ cup Water

Boil honey, add farfel gradually, ginger to taste, then nuts (save some see below). Brown on a big light (watch it like a hawk so it doesn't burn.) Add a little water. Brown. (It takes a while, not instant) Put on a wet board spread and cover with nuts and ginger. Cut into diamond shapes and place on a dish. (You can layer this on the dish by sprinkling more nuts on top and covering with wax paper, putting nuts on the wax paper, etc. I don't think plastic wrap would do it. Anyway it's harder to pick off the sticky candy) Notes: Most of this is in my mother's words. The parentheses are my additions. The longer you cook this the harder it gets and the more fillings it is capable of pulling of your teeth out as you eat it, but the better it holds the diamond shape. I usually go for it fairly soft and shapeless, as I have bad teeth . I make this for the extended family and my 100 year old Aunt Jeanette, always most particular, complains of the poor quality of the shapes, but the good taste. This is a confection no one is neutral about, either they love it or can't stand it. Timings are imprecise as with tayglach, which this resembles, as honeys vary in water content etc.

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