Lobster wrapped with otak-otak and enveloped with puff pa

Yield: 4 servings

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Source: Our Creations: Cuisine of our Nation The Singapore Food Festival Gala Dinner Menu

(See Tender Veal Satay recipe for details of full menu) Lobster wrapped with otak-otak and enveloped with puff pastry. INGREDIENTS Lobster Meat (clean, devein and cut into cubes) 200 gms Tenggiri (clean, fillet, mince) 200 gms Fresh Coconut Milk 100 ml Onion (grated) 3 nos Eggs 2 nos Sugar 1 tbs Salt ½ tsp Tumeric Leaves (sliced) 4 leaves Lime Leaves (sliced) 2 leaves Filo pastry 1 Pkt Clarified butter 100 ml Chilli Paste 100 gms Sweet Basil 2 stalks METHOD 1. Place the minced fish in a mixing bowl, add water, beat well. Add onions, eggs, sugar, lobster and seasoning together. 2.

Spread the minced fish onto the filo pastry. Use the clarified butter to layer the pastry. 3. Wrap the fish into the filo pastry and fold into a fancy shape. 4. Pre-heat the oven and set temperature for 250'C. Bake the Otak-otak for 25 minutes. Serve hot, garnish with sweet basil.

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