Liver hints

Yield: 1 servings

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\N \N Sauteing

2.) Saute' liver in lemon and butter and sprinkle chili sauce over it before broiling.

3.) Marinate calves liver for a day in a liquid of sherry, bay leaf and garlic, then fry lightly in olive oil.

4.) Before placing liver under fire, smear with oil, crushed garlic and a little Burgundy wine.

5.) Dip slices of liver in beaten egg and seasoned bread crumbs before frying with onions.

6.) Cover liver with milk and let stand for 20 minutes before frying. The leftover milk may be used in the gravey. The liver will be much milder in flavor, and cheaper liver can be enjoyed as much as the most expensive cuts.

7.) Put calves-liver slices in sizzling skillet and turn them immediately to seal in juices; then cook in regular way.

8.) One sure way to spot good liver is to look for traces of fat in it. If the fat is yellowish, the liver is tough; if the fat is snow-white, you are getting the best.

9.) If you can crush raw liver just by touching it with the tip of a finger, it is of extra good quality.

10.) Calves liver should not be exposed to high heat, and never overcooked; the moment it is, it becomes tough.

1.) Marinate calf's liver in lemon juice for 30 minutes before From: Sharon Stevens Date: 11-05-95 (21:49) (164) Fido: Home Co

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