Lemon atjar

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 kilograms Lemons
75 millilitres Coarse sea salt
500 millilitres White wine vinegar
250 millilitres Oil
2 \N Chiles seeded and chopped
10 millilitres Mustard seeds
10 millilitres Cumin seeds
10 millilitres Whole coriander
50 millilitres Sugar

Both of the following recipes are from a book called A Table at the Cape by Helmine Myburgh and are fairly typical.

Scrub the lemons with a nail brush and cut into quarters.Remove all the pips. Place in a container andsprinkle with salt.Pour over the vinegar.Cover and leave for 36 hours. Pour off all the liquid that has accumulated.Mix the atjar pickle combining the oil,chiles,spices and sugar,and pour over the lemons.Pack into a jar and cover. Refrigerate.

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