Homemade white sauces for those with allergies

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 tablespoon Milk free margarine
1½ teaspoon Potato starch or any other gluten free starch
¼ teaspoon Salt
½ cup Soybean milk
1 teaspoon Dried parsley

%%%%% WHITE SAUCE #1 %%%%%

Melt the margarine in saucepan. Add starch and salt and stir until well mixed. Add milk and parsley and continue stirring until mixture thickens.

%%%%% WHITE SAUCE #2 %%%%%

1 tbsp milk free margarine 1 cup cold water or stock 1½ tbsp gluten free flour (your choice) Melt margarine. Shake the flour and water together and pout into pan with melted margarine. Cook and stir until thickened.

%%%%% WHITE SAUCE #3 %%%%%

1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp potato flour 1 cup milk salt to taste Melt butter and add potato flour stirring until well blended. Slowly add the milk, stirring constantly until well blended. Cook slowly until thick. If a thicker sauce is desired, increase butter and potato flour to 2 tbsp each.

Origin: The Allergy Cookbook. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, July/95.

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