Homemade horseradish

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Horseradish root; trimmed and peeled
2 mediums Beets; peeled
½ cup Vinegar; (up to 1)
4 teaspoons Salt; (up to 5)
¾ cup Sugar

I was inspired to make this recipe after seeing a recipe for a similar batch in Joan Nathan's acclaimed Jewish Cooking in America (Knopf). Make this once and you will never buy it from the store again. I use a food processor for this (in two separate steps) but you can hand shred it. Wear carpenters glasses to save some tears and keep your kitchen window open.

After the mitzvah making a homemade challah for Shabbat, this another one of those pinnacle Jewish recipes.

Shred horseradish on food processor grater. Then shred beets (directly on top horseradish). Remove food from processor. Remove grater attachment and attach blade. Dump grated horseradish and beets in and process, adding vinegar, salt and sugar mid way, to make a pasty sauce. Stop machine, taste some horseradish on a piece of matzoh. Adjust seasonings and process to combine. Let it stand (it helps diffuse some of the "heat"). Chill before serving. Flavor will mellow as horseradish matures. Makes about 2 cups.

This recipe is from A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking by Marcy Goldman and has been reprinted with permission from the author. The book will be available in September, 1998, from Doubleday.

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