Home made wine

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
9 pounds Concord Grapes
4¾ pounds Sugar



Wash and pick over the grapes and place with sugarin a 2-gallon jar.

Fill with cold water. Cover with cheese cloth and keep in a warm place. Stir twice a week for 6 weeks. Strain and let stand 2 weeks longer to settle. Strain and bottle like grape juice.

DRY GRAPE WINE: Pick over, wash and stem grapes. Put in a stone crock and crush. Let stand a week but stir every day. Squeeze the grapes and strain the juice. To every gallon of juice, use 2 pounds sugar.

Boil sugar with just enough water to disslove; add hot syrup to juice. Place in a crock big enough to allow bubbling. Let stand 24 hours. Pour into sterilized jugs; do not cork. Cover with a piece of cloth as wine will not ferment. When fermentation stops, taste; if not sweet enough, add cold sugar syrup.

CONCORD GRAPE WINE, LARGE QUANTITY: 4 large (12-pound) baskets of grapes. Pick over, wash, and mash grapes and put into a crock with 1 pound sugar; let stand covered with cheesecloth for a week to 10 days; press grapes and put juice in crock with 10 pounds sugar; skim daily until it stops foaming ++ about 10 days; siphon into a 5-gallon keg; make a syrup of 1 cup sugar to a quart of water, and add syrup to keep keg filled, so wine can work and overflow; after it stops working, put in bung with vent; then change to tight bung in March.

Bottle in the autumn when keg is needed for next year's wine. Drip through filter paper before bottling.

RED BEET PORT WINE: 5 lb Beets 1 ga Water 2½ lb Sugar ½ ts Ground Pepper 1 oz Dry Granular Yeast 1 sl Whole Wheat Toast Wash beets well.

Grind beets with skin on. Boil in water until tender. Strain through cloth. Add sugar and pepper to liquid. Boil 15 minutes, then pour into crock and cool. Spread yeast on toast. Place on top of jar, yeast side up. Let stand 12 days in a warm place at room temperature, then strain and bottle.

CURRANT, BLACKBERRY, ELDERBERRY OR RHUBARB WINES: Make like Grape Wine, using less sugar for Blackberry or Elderberry wines.

GRAPEFRUIT WINE: 1 ga Grapefruit Juice 2 lb Sugar Add sugar to juice and mix well. Put in gallon jug. Put jug in a large shallow pan to catch overflow. Cover with double thickness of cheesecloth. Let stand 4 weeks at room temperature, undisturbed until fermentation has stopped. Then strain through cheesecloth, being careful not use the sediment that forms at the bottom of the jug. Strain again, this time with filter paper. Pour into sterilized bottles and cork. Keep in a dark place.

RAISIN WINE: 2 lb Raisins; chopped 1 lb White Loaf Sugar 1 ea Lemon; sliced 6 qt Boiling Water Combine ingredients in a stone jar, cover and stir every day for a week. Then strain, bottle and cork . Wine is ready to drink 10 or 12 days after bottling.

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