Henry baines sauce

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds Major Grey's chutney; (jar)
\N \N Processed in food processor or blender
1 large Lea & Perrins sauce; (family size bottle)
2 \N Bottles Heinz chili sauce
1 \N Sm. jar A-1 sauce
1 large Ketchup; (family size bottle)
10 ounces English pickles*; (bottle)
\N \N Walnuts with juice poured off,
\N \N Pureed in food processor or blender

*Available through British Market; sauce works "okay" if walnuts unavailable. Mix all ingredients together in large container. (Make sure sauce is well mixed.) Fill glass jars and refrigerate. Do not freeze.

Keeps indefinitely in refrigerator. Fills approximately 6 pint jars.

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