Halo halo

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 Up
Boiled until soft
1 An
1 An
4 Ups
Ice -- shaved or crushed
Tapioca -- large
Fruit cocktail -- chilled
Sweet corn -- chilled
Milk -- chilled

An ideal late-afternoon drink to cool the soul. Also great for kids! 1. Boil the tapioca until soft and chill. (You can prepare extra and keep it for several days in an air-tight container.) 2. Shave the ice. If you do not have access to an ice-shaver, you can crush it. (Place ice in a plastic bag, cover with a town and beat with a large mallet. Noisy, messy, but effective, and somehow quite calming after a day in the office. <g>)

3. Place a large scoop of fruit cocktail and cocktail syrup into a LARGE glass. Place a tablespoon of sweet corn on top and a scoop of tapioca .

4. Fill glass to near top with ice.

5. Pour milk over ice.

6. Top entire desert-drink with cold leche flan.

Serve with long spoon. Drink should be stired, then slurped, eaten and drunk at leasure. Enjoy.

Recipe By : Nila Sweeney


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