Grilled mixed pepper salad

Yield: 7 Cups

Measure Ingredient
6 larges Sweet peppers
1 small Red onion
2 tablespoons Olive oil
3 \N Cloves garlic; minced
4 teaspoons Balsamic vinegar
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Black pepper
¼ cup Fresh basil; shredded
360 grams Bocconcini cheese; (or 1-1/2cups asiago)

1. Cut peppers in one of two ways: (a) Quarter and seed, or (b) Cut off top and bottom, ending up with hollow ring; slice down one side, open up, and flatten; remove white ribs and seeds. Cut onions into rings. Stir olive oil with garlic and brush over begetables. Grill on preheated, oiled grill, turning at least once, until tender and lightly charred, from 5-10 mins.

2. Meanwhile, in large bowl, stir in vinegar, salt and pepper to remaining garlic mixture. Slice cheese into bite-sized pieces.

3. Slice hot peppers into ¼" strips and separate onion into rings. Stir warm vegetables into oil mixture. Taste and add more vinegar, if needed.

Stir in basil and cheese. Taste and add more salt, if desired.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wonderful served with garlic bread grilled on barbeque. For meat version - grill boneless chicken breasts along with vegetables. Slice into bite-sized strips and stir into mixture with basil. Omit cheese.

Per serving:

230 calories, 15.7g fat

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